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Erin On Demand was created for the passionate entrepreneur who is ready to make an impact through creative video storytelling.

And since you’re here, I have a feeling you’re super dedicated, full of ambition, and serious about your business… literally.

But maybe you…

  • Are lost when it comes to strategizing creative and compelling content for social media.
  • Need help shooting a bomb video to share your business’s awesomeness with the Internets.
  • Feel stuck when it comes to engaging your target audience with your biz.

Well, my friend, destiny brought you to this site and now you’re stuck with me. JK… kinda.

We create digital ideas that are bigger, bolder, braver and better.

Erin On Demand features three main services to help brands grow their online presence:  

  1. Creating social media commercials (or what I call, sommercials) through creative video storytelling- I do the videography, editing, and will even host if you’re camera shy.
  2. Content creativity consulting
  3. Digital strategizing

No matter what your business is, you have one thing that sets yours apart from every other business in the world: Your story. 

Nowadays, consumers highly value the purpose and transparency of almost every brand they consume. Your story is your business’s biggest selling point, and I’m here to help you tell it in the most creative way possible.

So here’s my story…

My name is Erin Winters and I am a video storyteller, digital strategist, and entrepreneur hailing in my hometown, Detroit. My story starts in 2012, when I graduated high school and began working as a news fellow at WJBK Fox 2 News. I spent four years there unlearning everything I thought I knew about writing, and learning how to effectively script for television and video engagement. In 2012, I also began college at Howard University in Washington, DC and received my B.A. of Broadcast Journalism, with a minor in Graphic Design.

After graduating, I competed against young adults from all over Michigan for my previous job as the Young & Free Michigan Spokester. Basically, my main duty was to use creativity to drive a younger audience to the company. That included weekly videos, daily blogs, being the face of the company, and turning creativity into real marketing concepts.

I blew it out of the park, increasing their Instagram following by 156% during my 11 months there!

Which led to my job as the first Digital Correspondent for National Geographic. Wait, what? Yes! I entered a video competition to win a job at thee Nat Geo, and after competing with over 600 applicants… I won! So I packed up ship and headed back to Washington, DC for my yearlong contract. I pitched my ideas, produced, wrote, and hosted all of my digital video segments. Talk about a crazy exciting job.

Now, we’re here! Throughout my years of storytelling, I’ve always been drawn to the stories of entrepreneurs. And after several businesses reached out for help, I decided to do just that. I’ve built this business to help you build yours.


I was impressed with Erin‘s knowledge and expertise. She made me feel comfortable and trusting of her abilities. Working withErin will be one of the best investments I could make. At the end of the consultation, I asked, “When do we get started; how much do I pay you; how can we get this going?”
Meg Watt
Meg Watt
Founder, uNeedTherapy2

Professionalism…quality product…timely delivery on budget. These three things epitomizes what Erin Winters is about. From day one…I knew I was in good hands.  Her updates were amazing. The information truly showed that she did her research and was ready for the project. And when we received the materials we were overjoyed by the quality and performance. Erin is a superb producer.

Dominic Peyton
Dominic Peyton
TV One

Don’t forget, I’m On Demand!

So shoot me an email or schedule some time on my calendar if you’re ready to make magic.

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