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How to film High Quality Video with Just your Phone

So many of my business-owners want (and need) to create consistent quality video content for their company, website, or YouTube channel, but feel so much pressure to buy top notch gear before starting. I always say DON’T! Practice and master the video process with what you have before you begin purchasing high-end gear.

Because let’s face it… if you don’t know what you’re doing with high-tech equipment, you risk the quality being trash anyway.

I own a digital marketing and video production company, so I totally understand the importance and power of quality video. But we have $1,000 phones in our pockets, and they have some dang good cameras.

Here are the best camera hacks to achieve high-quality video using your smartphone.

If you are ready to amp it up and invest in some quality budget-friendly gear, you can download my Video Starter Checklist for a list of everything you need.


Master your craft with what you have – the most important part is to get in motion.

Stay encouraged,


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