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MY WORK | Going Back to High School 6 Years Later (VIDEO)


I went to the International Academy of Macomb (IAM), affectionately known as, “The Smart People School.” I hated when people asked if I went to the Smart People School. It’s so… how can I put this… so, nicely insulting.

Call it what you want, going there allowed me to graduate with several college credits and a whole lot of scholarship money. The IAM is now ranked the number #1 high school in Michigan and the #7 high school in the United States, according to the 2018 U.S. News & World Report. So yes, Smart People School.

I was actually in the first graduating class, Class of 2012, and entered the school without knowing what the heck I was getting myself into. We started as the only grade in the building and each year another grade came in under us. The curriculum was new, the teachers were new, and I was just trying to get into college with a nice dose of funds to support my dreams. Now, six years later, I receive a message from my old math teacher, because: Facebook.

“Hey Erin, we are interested in using your video services at the IAM and are wondering if we can schedule a meeting with you.”

Um… duh. A few weeks later we were in full production. This project felt like home. It felt strangely good walking down those hallways that seven years prior, I couldn’t wait to never see again. Full circle moments are awesome.


Here’s a general production breakdown to give you a feel of the time this project took.

  • Pre-production: This is the point where I prep as much as possible for shoot days.
    • Consultation
    • Storyboarding/ Scripting
    • Prepping Interview Questions
    • Finalizing Interview Subjects/ Shoot Schedule
  • Production: Let the games begin. This project took a bit longer to shoot because they wanted a variety of school events included.
    • Day 1: Freshmen Orientation
    • Day 2: Teacher Orientation
    • Day 3: First Day of School
    • Day 4: Classroom B-roll
    • Day 5: Interviews
    • Day 6: Hosting
    • Day 7: Drone shots
  • Post Production:
    • Editing… lots and lots of editing.
    • Sent cut #1 – Client had no revisions.
    • Sent final!

Total Hours: 50

Total Smiles: 2 — Happy Client, Happy Erin.

Main Takeaway: Where you are in this moment is the sum of every single choice you made up until now. Making good choices mixed with choosing to be a good person leads to good things attracting to your life.

Check out the video below!

Xoxo E