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MY WORK | The Magic of a Red Lip | Catwalk for Cancer (VIDEO)


Never in my life did I think this path would be glamorous. Actually, I don’t really think any job is that glamorous. I wouldn’t want Beyoncé’s life if she offered it to me on a silver platter. I’d take the platter though, because it can probably pay off my student loans and cover a down payment on my future home. Bingo. Point is, every path/job/endeavor has its fair share of unglamorous moments.

This day was one of those unglamorous moments.

I had two shoots: one early in the morning and one late that evening. One super casual. One dressy. And they were both on the same side of town which happened to be in the complete opposite direction of my town. Plus, rain. Lots of rain. So I had to dress for the day, pack for the day, and plan for the day.

My secret weapon: wearing all black and a red lip. The chicest I was gonna get.

Catwalk for Cancer is a fashion show hosted by Lindsey’s Kloset and the McLaren Oakland Foundation to benefit the McLaren cancer center. It was at this super vibey loft in Corktown Detroit. They converted the dining area into a full-fledge runway. There were strolling hor d’oeuvres, drinks, a DJ, the dopest photo booth I’ve ever seen, a hand-writing analyzer, and guests who were dressed as if they were hitting the runway themselves.

I am very proud of how this video turned out.

Peak of the shoot: The experience! Everything about this event made it worthwhile. If I wasn’t shooting it, I would definitely have loved to attend for leisure.

Pit of the shoot: I was exhausted but I pushed through. The red lip kept me looking better than I felt.

Check out the video below!

Xoxo E