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Start Strong: Top Steps to Take BEFORE Launching Your Successful Business

Starting a successful business is a huge feat. Your brilliant ideas is just the start. Now it’s time to back that thang up with some marketing and business strategies.

Many people start their business with an unclear direction on:

  1. The problem their business is going to solve.
  2. The people whose problem it’s solving – target audience.
  3. How to run the back-end of business to ensure its sustainable, protected, and profitable.

Once you determine the problem your business will solve, it’s important to pinpoint whose problem it solves… and speak directly to that person.

Creating a target audience/target audience persona is one of the most overlooked, yet most powerful, marketing tactics.

Many companies and entrepreneurs fear that targeting an audience excludes other people (who aren’t technically considered a part of that group) from consuming their business or content. SO NOT TRUE. Any good marketing strategist knows that you can’t catch everyone, so the more refined your target, the better.

In this video, I explain the power of doubling down on a niche to generate more business. It explains the top three steps to determining a strong audience and attract them to your business.

Once your target audience is determined, you can start building your business. Trust me, launching your business is much more than creating a logo and business Instagram account or ordering the t-shirts you’ve designed. There are many steps you must take to make sure your finances, legal protections, registrations, etc. are all in alignment.

Most businesses fail, not because of a bad idea, but because of lack of planning.

If you’ve already launched your business, still give this video a watch to ensure you haven’t missed anything!

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