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Top Ways to Make Money Using Social Media

Making money on social media has become the New Age American Dream. We spend so much time scrolling and hoping that one day we can be free from the 9-5 grind and work for ourselves through the power of social media.

But making money on social media and using social media to make money are two completely different things.

So many people think that in order to make more money or gain more success, they need to generate more social media followers. NOT [completely] TRUE.

There are tons of social media influencers who have hundreds of thousands of followers but don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars. *yikes*

Social media and sales are two different things. Although social media is a great tool to generate leads for sales (and in many cases, used to actually sell products), to truly market and scale a business successfully, you need to begin implementing strategies to see actual conversions in your business.

In this video I go into detail about how to get out of the average mindset of needing more followers, and getting into the mentality of CONVERTING the followers you do have into customers/clients. 

1.Why You Don’t Need More Followers to Make More Money

Now, it’s time to actually get this money! Here are some ways to actually make money using social media without a massive following.

2. Top 4 Ways to Make Money Using Social Media

Final tip: Make sure you are focusing on bringing value to your current following instead of focusing so hard on gaining new followers. Once you shift focus, the followers will start to roll in!

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